"Tongass Fjords X" for FSX - The Google Earth Map
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Here's a handy mapping tool for all Tongass X fans who have purchased and installed this stunning addon that Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack have conjured up again. Whether you're a new of returning fan of Tongass scenery, you'll soon come to discover it is the single best FS addon ever created.

For this Google Earth map, Holger's hi-res sectionals have been converted into a Mercator projection format which is required by Google Earth for precise map overlays. All the locations in the TFX "Destinations" list (beginning on page 33 of the TFX manual) have been mapped according to category with color coded icons. A multi-tiled map overlay allows for the navigational information contained in the sectional to be readily viewable in GE at a relatively crisp resolution and so retains valuable pilot information. The sub-folder structure allows for all or some of either the individual locations or their respective bulk categories to be turned on or off. In addition, a magnetic compass tool has been added to assist in navigation (see below). Once you've installed the file into your GE software you may edit or add to the map your own custom icons and enhancements.

When time permits I'll be updating the map to reflect additions and third party sceneries as they come online. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for visiting!

-Ed Truthan



File here: http://www.tongassge.com/TFXGE.zip (5.74 MB - Right click and "Save Target As" to download).

Google Earth is now at version 5.0 though earlier versions should work with this file. Get the new one here: http://www.earth.google.com

Icon Legend

Icon Legend

Layout of Sub-Folders

The layout of the GE sub-folders for this file are laid out exactly the same as Holger's master "Destinations List". Simply check or uncheck the boxes of the groups or individual locations you'd like to see mapped. Clicking the plus signs will display all individual locations within that category. Clicking an icon on the map will display it's coordinates and any other available information. Once GE has loaded the file your left hand file window should look like this: köp cialis

My Places

Magnetic Compass Tool

I've included an overlay for a handy and accurate azimuth wheel that's been aligned to magnetic north which can be used for navigation and may be moved and manipulated. Click on the "Magnetic Compass Tool" link in your "My Places" folder for more instructions.

Sectional Overlays

There are six sectional overlays comprising the master Tongass area Aeronautical Chart. They've been reduced and sliced so lower end video cards can load them into GE and still retain clarity. Most textual information is still readable however, retaining the overlay"s useful pilot information.

Overlay "Bleeding" Fix:

If you see any tearing or bleeding of the sectional overlay boundaries (as pictured below) try disabling ANISOTROPIC FILTERING in Google Earth at the

Anisotropic Bleed

Enabling Terrain...

If you enable "Terrain" in the left hand GE "Layers" window you can view the elevation mesh of the region at an oblique angle, as pictured in the screenshot at the top of this page.


Questions, comments, help, corrections, etc. may be addressed to Ed Truthan at edtruthan@gmail.com

Happy Landings To All!